My Why

The seemingly endless pandemic has been trying times for many of us, but for others it was a time of reinventing and personal growth. I was one of those souls who actually enjoyed lockdown. I loved not going anywhere, just working from home. The only thing I truly missed was spending time with my mother. We faced time and talked multiple times, daily. At home, we enjoyed home-cooked meals and watching every movie Netflix had to offer. I was enjoying every minute of it.

Lockdown also gave me time to work on fully healing from a past trauma. During this time I got back into my meditation practice and started including more mindfulness practices. I also engaged in counseling centered around my childhood trauma. Once I was able to really work through my trauma, I finally felt free. Free of guilt, free of shame, free of my own thoughts and self-hatred. I was able to forgive those who failed me, but most importantly I was able to forgive myself. Since age 15 I've been weighted down with major depression, anxiety disorder, and suicidal ideation. For many years I often spent days on end having the same reoccurring thoughts, just feeling sad, many days waking up wishing I hadn't, and just surviving but not living. I was 39 when I finally had the courage to address the elephant in my head. What a difference a few years makes.

Last year I decided that I wanted to start my own business, Balanced Coaching, LLC. I took online courses centered around meditation, mindfulness, and other practices in order to learn more techniques and strategies. I wanted to help others who suffer from mental illness. I wanted to share with those souls that there is peace on the other side. I realized that I was a bit nervous about taking on clients, so I sat on the business until this year. I decided to launch Mind. Balanced. Soul. to provide others with those small items that help us to relax in some way. I'm proud of the online business that I've built. I see it as part of my awakening, part of my freedom and growth. In addition to my online business, I will launch the Mind. Balanced. Soul. YouTube channel in April 2022, which will feature guided meditations, mindfulness techniques, and inspirational ideas to help those who need it most. Meditation and mindfulness was a huge part of helping to manage my mental health concerns over the years. While it wasn't the full solution, it was indeed helpful to my life. There is a ton of data and research out that that supports that it can help with anxiety and depression in a major way.

My hope is that my business and my channel will help you. I hope that what Mind. Balanced. Soul. offers will be beneficial to your life's balance in some way. I'm glad you've stopped by to witness my journey, and to take it with me.

"If you want to heal your heart's wounds, start healing your thoughts."--Alexandra Vasiliu

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